ECO-SPAN and Arlington National Cemetery

The United States Army Corps of Engineers recently completed a 27 acre expansion to the Arlington National Cemetery known as the Millennium Project.  The goal of the project was to increase the active life of the cemetery by creating an additional 27,282 interment locations.  This project marks the final development of land within the current boundaries of the cemetery.  Due to the challenging topography of the land, this was the final phase to be completed.  The $81.8 million project included two ECO-SPAN precast arch bridges.   The larger bridge #1, a 42′ span twin-leaf Versa Series arch, carries Loop Road over a restored stream.  This arch was designed for up to 13.5′ of earth cover, which was supported by mechanically stabilizing earth retaining walls with natural stone facing.  The smaller bridge #2, a single-leaf Versa Series arch with a 16′ span and a 7′ rise, crosses a small stream at the back of the expansion.  The bridges were built by Faddis Concrete Products and installed by Forrester Construction.

To mark the expansion’s official opening, the bodies of two unknown soldiers killed in 1862 were laid to rest on September 6th in the Millennium section.  The soldiers, whose remains were discovered in 2014, were given military funerals with honors and an escort.  They were ceremoniously buried in caskets made from a downed tree from the Virginia battlefield, now known as the Manassas National Battlefield Park.


Please view this link for additional project details.

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