Small Bridge Replacement Sequence

Projects that would have taken three to four months in the past are now routinely accomplished in 6-7 weeks using modular systems such as the ECO-SPAN® Arch System. The example in the video below was...

ECO-SPAN® Safe Rooms

Engineering services for the ECO-SPAN® Arch System are based in Southwest Ohio. Like much of the Midwest, the lower Ohio River valley is part of...

Roadway Animal Crossings

Structures designed to provide safe passage for animals over or under roadways are becoming more and more common.  Whether for driver safety or protection of endangered species, funding seems to be more readily available with...

Restoring Natural Habitats

A recent article by Emily Clegg in the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) publication Precast Solutions highlighted a some of the many benefits that precast concrete arches such as ECO-SPAN® offer for stream ecosystems. While the focus...

SR 60 Arch Extension

As part of a new bypass highway around the city of Salem, Indiana, it was necessary for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to widen the existing State Route 60 just east of town near...

Recent Installation Photos

September was a busy month for ECO-SPAN arch installations.  The photos below are from recent installations in Kentucky and Indiana. [gallery] No endorsement of the means and methods employed by the contractors is implied.  If you have...