Purple Line–The West Golf Cart Underpass Tunnel

On August 28, 2017 ground was broken for Maryland’s $5.6 billion Purple Line project. The Purple Line is a 16.2 mile light rail line that will link Maryland suburbs with the major arteries of the current D.C.Metrorail system to promote more efficient and less congested travel in and around the area. When completed, the project will include 21 stations, 1 tunnel, and off-road trails for bikers and pedestrians. By 2040, daily ridership on the Purple Line is expected to reach 74,000. The first of seven ECO-SPANĀ® structures was installed in November of 2018. The West Golf Cart Underpass tunnel has a 12′ span, an 11′ rise, is 57′ long, and has a formliner finish on the headwalls and wingwalls. Faddis Concrete Products supplied the precast tunnel and the Purple Line Transit Constructors (PLTC) installed the structure. Construction on the Purple Line project is expected to extend into 2022.

The West Golf Cart Underpass Tunnel

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