Concrete Arches

Precast Concrete Arches

Modular precast reinforced concrete arches can be the most effective option when encountering an obstacle such as a stream, railway, or road.  With ECO-SPAN’s precast reinforced concrete arch system and design tools, you will be able to easily specify and build a road or path over the obstacle.  We have many different customization options available to choose from when it comes to determining the arch size and shape as well as end treatments.

Concrete modular arches offer several other benefits:

  • Minimal maintenance is required compared to other bridge types
  • Bridge decks become a thing of the past with our concrete arches. No deck maintenance or replacement is required.
  • In many cases, streams may be spanned without disturbing the stream bed and wildlife habitat, shortening the permit process.
  • It is often cheaper and quicker to build a concrete arch versus other bridge types.

The ECO-SPAN® precast concrete arch system is perfect for projects that need to be completed quickly, including Accelerated Bridge Construction and Every Day Counts projects.  This economical system is designed so that you can often see your brige components installed in only a single day.  Our experienced team of engineers and producers is second to none.  Please give us a call today to discuss the specifications of your project so we can get started right away!