Buried concrete structures have long been known for their resistance to natural disasters. The ECO-SPAN® Arch System provides resiliency in a structurally efficient, modular and easy-to-install package.


ECO-SPAN® bridge systems can be designed for all types of landscapes… from rural bridge replacements to urban pedestrian tunnels, residential and commercial property access, and beyond.


Backed by an engineering team that has produced thousands of successful precast concrete arch bridge projects, the ECO-SPAN® arch system is the gold standard in accelerated bridge construction.

Our Process


The Pretek Group’s application designers provide options and technical support to ensure that all goals are met in the most economical way.


The structure is designed for appropriate code, loading and geometry requirements as defined by the owner and the engineer of record.

Casting & Installation

The precast concrete arch system is plant-produced per ASTM C1504 at facilities approved by either the National Precast Concrete Association or the American Concrete Pipe Association. While components are manufactured off-site, the contractor performs site work, reducing construction time. Components arrive on flatbed trailers, ready for installation. The modular system, including precast concrete headwalls and wingwalls, and sometimes foundations, is set in place, often in a matter of hours.


After grouting, joint sealing, backfill and paving, the structure is ready for traffic. The new arch bridge is durable, economical and aesthetic.

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