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ECO-SPAN® offers comprehensive engineering tools and technical support to expedite the concrete arch design process and reduce engineering costs.

Instant Design Center

Instant Design - Precast Concrete Arch Bridge

ECO-SPAN® Instant Design is an intuitive, quick way to tell us about your project. Our Instant Design form includes many aspects of three-sided bridge best design practices built in to guide users to the most effective use of a precast arch at their site. After you complete the form, we will send complimentary project-specific application drawings within a few hours. Budget estimates are generally available within one business day. Site plans and additional information or questions may be sent to [email protected].

Launch the Instant Design form

For assistance, please call 800.241.0925. You can also download our Fax-Back Form.

Non-Proprietary Arch Shapes

One of the ways we reduce costs is through our non-proprietary arch shapes. These “open source” arch shapes are just as efficient – if not more efficient – than proprietary arches. We recommend showing non-proprietary arch shapes on the plans, which opens the project to the most bidders and potentially reduces the price for the owner. Need assistance? Just let us know.

CAD Details

AutoCAD .dwg and SketchUp .skp blocks are available for download in our CAD Library.


View precast concrete specifications for the ECO-SPAN® system below.

Technical Details

Waterway Opening

These charts provide open area of each span and rise combination for comparison with project requirements.

Arch-Box (AB)Versa™ Single Radius (VS) | Versa™ Multiple Radius (VM)

Coordinates for Hydraulic Modeling

Modeling with HEC-RAS bridge editor, HY-8 or other software?  These tables provide specific coordinates that you need.

Arch-Box (AB)Versa˜ Single Radius (VS)Versa˜ Multiple Radius (VM)

Foundation Loads

Designing a foundation for a precast arch?  Find reactions and estimated width in these charts.

Arch-Box Reactions

Comprehensive Support

Additional services are available to assist with bid drawing preparation.

  • Foundation / Abutment / Retaining Wall Design
  • Precast Abutment Design
  • Construction Drawings for Bridge Installation
  • Take-off / Bill of Materials
  • 3-D Modeling / Rendering
  • Hydraulic Modeling in HY-8
  • Hydraulic Design using existing HEC-RAS Model
  • Type/Size/Location Drawings
  • Load Ratings for Existing Structures
  • VE / CRI Support