Concrete Culverts

Long-span Precast Concrete Culverts

Creating a concrete arch culvert may appear to be a complex undertaking.  However, ECO-SPAN® offers many benefits that help to streamline the process. Our team of experts work with you to create the best precast arch culvert for your site using long-lasting, high quality precast concrete components.  These components are build off-site while the old structure is removed and the area is being prepared for the new arch.  This allows us to achieve the completion relatively quickly for most projects.

Long-span concrete culverts are used to allow water to flow under roads, railroads, or trails.  Maintenance for concrete culverts is minimal, making it a great investment for the long haul.  With these culverts in place, there is no need for replacing bridge decks.  They also help the environment by preserving stream beds and habitat instead of disturbing them.

Eco-Span’s precast arch culverts are great when speed of installation is desired.  Our system allows users to put long-span concrete culverts together quickly, making it an appealing option for many sites.  Installation of the modular system can often be completed within a day!  We have  worked on hundreds of successful arch culvert projects for many different customers.  Give us a call today and let ECO-SPAN® help you with your next project!