Campus Expansion

  • Campus Expansion
  • Campus Expansion
  • Campus Expansion


  • Location: Naples, Florida
  • Installed: January, 2019
  • Engineer: James A. Carr
  • Contractor: Bonness Inc.
  • Precast Producer: Oldcastle Precast


  • Span: 32 feet
  • Rise: 8 feet
  • Length: 660 feet
  • Cover: 6 inches - 2 feet
  • Live Load: HL-93
  • Skew Angle: None
  • Type: Arch-Box
  • Finish: Plain Concrete


Stream Enclosure Project
32’ Span x 8’ Rise Arch- Box

An ECO-SPAN® arch box bridge adds a key visual element to a 3-acre park at a corporate campus in Naples, Florida. The company completed a $100 million expansion project at its headquarters with amenities such as an office tower, a 160-room hotel for visiting guests, and a wellness and medical center.

The expansion project also included a pedestrian-friendly, university-style campus with walking and biking paths. A 3-acre park was added with a 1,000 square foot pavilion for outdoor events. The precast arch box bridge formed a stream enclosure that was built to convey water under the new park, which includes basketball courts, tennis courts, and open space.

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