ECO-SPAN at Arlington

  • ECO-SPAN at Arlington
  • ECO-SPAN at Arlington
  • ECO-SPAN at Arlington
  • ECO-SPAN at Arlington


  • Location: Arlington, Virginia
  • Installed: February, 2015
  • Owner: Arlington National Cemetery VA
  • Engineer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Contractor: Forrester Construction Co.
  • Precast Producer: Faddis Concrete Products


  • Span: 42 feet
  • Rise: 20 feet
  • Length: 34.5 feet
  • Cover: 13.5 feet
  • Live Load: HL-93
  • Skew Angle: None
  • Type: Twin-Leaf Versa™ Single Series Radius
  • Finish: Natural stone face


Millennium Project Bridge No. 1
42’ Span x 20’ Rise Twin Leaf Versa™

In 2018, the United States Army Corps of Engineers completed a 27-acre expansion to Arlington National Cemetery known as the Millennium Project. Two ECO-SPAN® precast concrete arch bridges were installed in 2015 as part of the $81.8 million expansion program.

Bridge #1 is 42’ span twin-leaf Versa™ Series shape carrying Loop Road over a restored stream. With the open long-span arch, Forrester construction was able to protect the stream throughout construction to minimize any disturbance. This arch was designed to support up to 13.5’ earth cover. Mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls with natural stone facing hold the backfill in place over and around the arch.

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