Long-Lasting & Aesthetic

  • Long-Lasting & Aesthetic
  • Long-Lasting & Aesthetic
  • Long-Lasting & Aesthetic


  • Location: Glastonbury, Connecticut
  • Installed: September, 2012
  • Owner: Town of Glastonbury, CT
  • Engineer: Anchor Engineering Inc.
  • Contractor: Mattern Construction Inc.
  • Precast Producer: United Concrete Products


  • Span: 32 feet
  • Rise: 9 feet
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Cover: 3.5 feet
  • Live Load: HS20
  • Skew Angle: 0 degrees
  • Type: Arch-Box
  • Finish: Formliner Stained


Addison Road Over Salmon Creek
32′ Span x 9′ Rise Arch Box

When a small bridge in the town of Glastonbury needed to be replaced, the owner wanted a long-lasting and aesthetic structure for this urban setting. A precast concrete arch was chosen and a stone formliner finish was specified.

United Concrete Products used the same formliner pattern for the precast headwalls as Mattern Construction used when casting the wingwalls and barrier walls in the field. The end result was a seamless transition and natural-looking stained concrete formliner finish.

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