Cost Reduction

  • Cost Reduction
  • Cost Reduction


  • Location: Greene County, Indiana
  • Installed: July, 2014
  • Owner: Indiana Department of Transportation
  • Engineer: Pretek Group
  • Contractor: E & B Paving
  • Precast Producer: Lindsay Precast-Firebaugh Division


  • Span: 54 feet
  • Rise: 26.67 feet
  • Length: 56.33 feet
  • Cover: 18.33 feet
  • Live Load: HL93
  • Type: Versa™ Multiple Radius
  • Finish: Plain Concrete


SR 445 Over CR 150N Bridge Structure #5

54′ Span x 26.667 Rise Versa™ Multiple Radius

Pretek Group worked with E&B Paving to propose a successful Cost Reduction Initiative (CRI) to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). The grade separation was originally designed as a prestressed box beam bridge with pile-supported abutments wrapped in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls.

The twin-leaf ECO-SPAN® Versa™ series Multiple-Radius Arch allowed for elimination of the pile foundation system. Instead, the bridge was supported by strip foundations placed directly on bedrock. The precast concrete twin-leaf arch underpass is the first of its kind for the INDOT, an agency that has made widespread use of precast three-sided structures for stream crossings.

Site challenges included a grade separation of nearly 45′ and a nearby karst bedrock feature which was capped prior to foundation construction. This structure is part of the new I-69 extension that will link Canada near Detroit with Mexico near Houston. The corridor is expected to see heavy traffic which this bridge will support for many years to come. With no exposed bridge deck, safety should be improved and INDOT’s future maintenance expenses reduced compared to the original design.

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