Easing Congestion

  • Easing Congestion
  • Easing Congestion


  • Location: Broomfield County, Colorado
  • Installed: March, 2015
  • Owner: City and County of Bloomfield
  • Engineer: Muller Engineering Co. Inc.
  • Contractor: Concrete Works of Colorado
  • Precast Producer: Lindsay Precast


  • Span: 32 feet
  • Rise: 10 feet
  • Length: 122 feet
  • Cover: 1.5 feet to 3 feet
  • Live Load: HL-93
  • Skew Angle: None
  • Type: Arch-Box
  • Finish: Stained formliner


Lowell Boulevard Over Nissen Channel
32′ Span Arch-Box

The $7.66 million Lowell Boulevard improvement project went into construction in January, 2017. This project widened Lowell Boulevard to four lanes to increase traffic flow in a congested area between Midway Blvd and 120th Ave. in Bloomfield, CO. 

Other goals for the project included increased safety for cyclists and pedestrians and reduced flood risk. 

Muller Engineering designed one of the 32’ spans to accommodate a hike/bike path in addition to the main stream channel. The other 32’ span acts as the floodplain during high-flow events, providing the required hydraulic capacity when needed. Precast walls have a stained formliner finish with custom precast pilasters. 

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