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  • Location: Muncie, Indiana
  • Installed: June, 2013
  • Owner: Delaware County, IN
  • Engineer: R.W. Armstrong
  • Contractor: Beaty Construction
  • Precast Producer: Independent Concrete Pipe Co.


  • Span: 32 feet
  • Rise: 10 feet
  • Length: 66 feet
  • Cover: 4.08 feet
  • Live Load: COOPER E-80
  • Skew Angle: 30 degrees
  • Type: Arch-Box
  • Finish: Plain Concrete


Park One Railroad Spur
32′ Span x 10; Rise Arch Box

A mile-long railroad spur was constructed by Delaware County, Indiana, with additional federal funding to link an industrial park to a major rail line.

R.W. Armstrong specified a precast concrete three-sided arch to carry the rail line over a stream that intersected the line on a 30 degree skew. To keep costs down, the headwalls were sloped to follow the proposed grading and minimize concrete use. The ECO-SPAN® Arch-Box, specially designed for Cooper E-80 railroad loading, was chosen by Beaty Construction, the bridge sub-contractor.

The all-precast superstructure including bridge units, headwalls and wingwalls is supported by driven H-piles and a cast-in-place pile cap.

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