Smoothing Out the Turns

Bridge #77 –Dearborn County, Indiana

Woluing Road, Creekside Drive, and Taylor Creek converge at a rural site in Dearborn County, Indiana.  A two-lane bridge was built in 1917 to carry both roads over the stream. This required two 90° turns on each road at either side of the bridge.

When a replacement bridge was needed in 2016, engineers saw an opportunity to improve traffic flow and safety. Using a 160′ long precast concrete arch, the more heavily traveled Woluing Road could be straightened crossing Taylor Creek at a skew. The smaller Creekside Drive now ties into Woluing at two locations on the new bridge.

Before the bridge was replaced, drivers on both roads were forced to stop and make two sharp turns. Now, most drivers will not even notice that they are crossing a bridge.