Small Bridges Replaced Quickly!

Buried Bridge Precast Concrete Arch Beavercreek, Ohio

Shaving Weeks Off Construction with ECO-SPAN®

Projects that would have taken three to four months in the past are now routinely accomplished in 6-7 weeks using modular systems such as the ECO-SPAN® Arch System. The example in the video below was recently completed near Dayton, Ohio. It is a 24′-0″ span x 6′-0″ rise x 57′ long Arch-Box on a cast-in-place slab foundation. The roadway was skewed 13 degrees with the stream. Headwalls and wingwalls are precast concrete. All precast concrete components were installed in one day (day 25). The traffic barrier with moment slab were cast in the field.

Road closure time could have been further reduced if precast foundations and modular bridge rail were utilized.